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Lanxess AG is a German specialty chemicals company based in Cologne, Germany that was founded in 2004 via the spin-off of the chemicals division and parts of the polymers business from Bayer AG. Shares in Lanxess AG were listed in Germany’s DAX from September 24 2012, to September 21 2015 and form part of MDAX, a midcap index. The company is listed in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index and FTSE4Good Index. In 2016, the company began to focus on the market for additives for lubricants and fire retardants by acquiring Chemtura and placing its rubber business into a joint venture with Aramco.

Lanxess has a poor working environment and inconsistent work hours, claims a former Quality Control Lab Technician on

"Inhumane work environment, rude people and inconsistent work hours. 60-80 hr weeks with prior consent. I worked here for about a little over a year and the plant is slowly going down. They lose people every week but act like they don't know why."


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Former Employee - Commercial Director says

"Highly political environment that typically rewards political play. Often inexperienced business leaders end up surrounded by ineffectual management who race to the bottom in out-performing each other in political grab games."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Completing your daily activity, with a less then par management team"

Current Employee - Production says

"Employees are overworked to dangerous points, they are hiring people to work with very dangerous chemicals with no experience, training program is none existing, the supervisors show blatant favoritism in a union plant, aging workforce (they will lose half the plant in the next 5 years), the health insurance is horrible, supervisors constantly drop the ball and employees have to pick up the pieces which usually mean overtime, the plant is over 100 years old and it shows and safety is a joke here."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Shady, fake job postings, disrespectful"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Everything else. You are just a cog in a wheel, no creativity allowed."

Former Employee - Operations says

"Management. Tons of nepotism!!! You will not move up in this company. No work life balance. DO NOT GET SICK. They will give you the runaround."

Former Employee - Engineer says

"Low pay. Engineers are required to sign a two year contract to stay with the company. Inherited a position where the last two engineers quit shortly after a year. The environment has plenty of passive-aggressive behavior along with Belief Perseverance. Some employees work with impunity even though they are destructive and abusive."


"Expanding business to countries other then US"

Current Employee - Accounts Payable Analyst says

"Management is very old school are not with the times. They ignote seniority and experience. Alot of favouritism."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Be careful - certain top leaders in support functions often change their words. Deceitful behavior. Use of "lies" as a tool. These "cronies" lack knowledge, skills, conscience, and decision making ability. Mostly, these cronies create hurdles in your work! Apart from this, the business in India has lost focus on business growth in India (except for one basic chemicals business unit). Employees in global service delivery unit are being kept in dark about their future. This unit is being made irrelevant. New leadership in India is blissfully unaware of cronies and liars around - unfortunately."

Administrative Assistant /Clerical Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Nobody really seemed to like one another, and because my goal was to earn a paycheck rather than make friends, that wasn't bothersome. I left this job because of a personal disagreement or issue"

Chemical Operator (Former Employee) says

"ok job to work you do have to work 6 days a week which can get old fast. Great for first time chemical operators. It showed me the ends and outs of the chemical world."

Quality Control Laboratory Technician (Former Employee) says

"I was a contractor, so I received no benefits, and very poor pay. I worked night hours 12 hours from 7pm-7am. I was miserable and unhappy at Lanxess. Also, what makes it worse was that I had no holidays off.Good food periodicallyNo holidays, terrible pay, and treated poorly"

Holewatch/Firewatch (Former Employee) says

"did not like it at all. rude supervisors an racism and favoritism . wasn't the job for me at all they give hours to the ones they know . an fire who they think a threat."

Temporary through Belcan (Former Employee) says

"Lanxess brings in temporary workers, gives the temps all the work that actual Lanxess employees won't do and makes them a lot of promises. The safety in Greensboro is terrible. And the managers are very unprofessional.noneBeing lied to for a year and a 1/2"

SENIOR PROCESS TECHNICIAN 2 (Current Employee) says

"Been selected to be one of the start up team to commission Lanxess Butyl plant in Singapore, i felt very honour and excited. And to work with different people from varies plants and experiences."

Chemical Operator (Former Employee) says

"Most of the people here that have left a review are right. Management was poorly ran. After spending several months as a contract employee I finally got hired by this company. Shortly after I was let go for missing to much time even though I had PTO for the days I took off. The job was unsafe and people were not wanting to wear the PPE for protection due to the elements. However, over all the benefits and pay weren't so bad. The job was great until they brought in some proactive management people...won't say names. Even though they would say "Safety" before "Productivity" everyone that was a operator knew this wasn't the truth. From the first day I start working there I was lied to about what days I ended up having to work. I was told that I would only work a Monday - Friday shift to find out from the supervisors it was mandatory Saturday's as well. The safe meeting and walk throughs were a joke. Even though we would specify the same concerns over and over. Management would not fix the issue till someone either got hurt or worst. When I was there the moral was very low about the rotating shifts etc.. After two years management finally changed it to straight 1st, 2nd and 3rd shift. Some people including myself got stuck on a shift that was not in our best interest which caused people to start laying out and quitting = high turn over after this point. Recently, I spoke to someone that is still there and the company isn't doing so well I predict a shift change coming soon!Decent pay/benifitsPoor moral/management"

Chemical Operator (Former Employee) says

"Worked here for awhile it not only was very physically demanding, you have to deal with dangerous chemicals. This place makes you wear a lot of PPE and you sweat all the time no matter how hot or cold it is outside. Management is horrible and people abuse the polices. I was fired with no notice or anything. I would stay away from this place.Great payHorrible culture"

Chemical Operator (Former Employee) says

"Uninformed barely present, unless at luncheon’s , the worst management team I have ever worked for, be careful choosing this company for employment, racially motivated."

Quality Control Lab Technician (Former Employee) says

"Inhumane work enviroment, rude people and inconsistent work hours. 60-80 hr weeks with prior consent. I worked here for about a little over a years and the plant is slowly going down. They lose people every week but act like they don't know why."

Production shift Supervisor (Current Employee) says

"Was able to get back into Supervision and train employees. Learned how to write SOP's for a New Production Facility. Worked and doing more within the Management Group and taking on more responsibilities. Working with new employees and training them in new Plant.New Production Facility.None."

Boiler Operator (Former Employee) says

"Bad management hours change without notice no overtime. Dirty place to work. Place looks like it is closing down. Terrible union atmosphere! Nobody cares at the Facility"

Human Resources Business Partner (Former Employee) says

"Great Company, Excellent Pay, Wonderful Benefits, the employees are awesome. The culture was changing while there. It is a union facility in Little Rock so if you have never worked in a one it is difference."

Finance clerk (Former Employee) says

"Management was unprofessional and talked openly about co workers, would pit others against each other. Management would slam doors after team meetings."

Production Operator I (Current Employee) says

"Management likes to do everything backwards of what is best for the production workers. Management is made up of a lot of people who have never worked the production areas yet run things at a max for their own personal benefits for yearly bonuses. They care about money, not their employees."

Rather not say (Former Employee) says

"I would like to encourage anybody seriously considering a job at the Lanxess site in Greensboro to really take the time to read these reviews. They are accurate. The management, excluding the assistant plant manager, unfortunately do a lot of bias judgment and release people from employment based if they like them or not. There have been cover-ups over serious allegations for the past year. The management team will manipulate you and cheat you of opportunities. They will put on a show as if they are doing a lot of work, yet have nothing to show for it. Turnover is extremely high in the lab, due to poor lab management. In the past year, the lab has gone through nearly (or more) 10 different employees with only 4 being needed at a time. Ten employees is enough to replace the staff two and a half times...within a year. This is concerning. I’m not too sure why Pittsburgh has not seriously investigated the conflict of interest that occurs on the daily basis at this site. Truly was a great company until new management came in.Fellow employeesLack of organization, lazy management (majority)"

HSE Manager (Former Employee) says

"Management of the company is bad. In general, turnover is high and the culture of the company is bad. Employees are in low morale."

Survey Draughtsman (Current Employee) says

"Great team to work with fair security around. However company is lacking proper planning for future mining. And no proper communication to ensure understanding."

Lab Technician (Former Employee) says

"This company was set as a start up, to see what steps can be made to get there products approved by the government to sell. Poor management skills, turn over rate was at 90% the first year, constantly training new personnel because of employees lack of interest after they started. Because they came in thinking one way, hen it wasn't peaches and cream."

******** manager (Former Employee) says

"Poorly managed business that is part of a global chemical company. Management has no idea how to run a mine and has zero idea of personal relations with the workforce. All efforts to bring the mine to a world class player are failing and going in reversefewmany"

Dissent says

"Join class action to get refund for illegal resale of tickets cancelled event they are still selling tickets Please sign petition on change uk to get then banned fron internet"

Adam Hill says

"Purchased 2 kasbian tickets for the summer over 4 months ago and im still waiting for my refund - they keep palming me off with "Due to Covid everything is delayed". All they keep doing is emailing me saying somebody will be in touch... Well its been 4 months now, absolute joke of a company do not use - I will be ringing every day until i get my refund back"

Samantha McShane says

"Viagogo resold my tickets for Elrow Liverpool, however, they will not give me a refund until 8 days after the event which has been rescheduled TWICE (Now 7 months after the original date), just incase the new buyer doesn't show up. Therefore they have made double the profit from the tickets. I was travelling from the Isle of Man for this event and they expect I can just rebook a holiday twice. I'm extremely disappointed by their awful customer service in this pandemic."

Cr says

"Awful company, take people’s monwy and delay refunds, that’s if you are lucky enough to even be offered one in the first place. Took my money and after 20+ emails numerous calls contacting my bank, STAR and trading standards (bank were useless trading standards helped but viagog isn’t regulated by star!) I am still being told to wait several months for my refund even though I was told I would receive it back in March. DO NOT SPEND YOUR MONEY WITH THESE CON ARTISTS!!! I will never ever deal with them again and I will continue taking this further."

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